Carlos E. Escoffery

Electronics Engineer

Description of Experience with SCADA Systems for Water Utilities


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SCADA System for the Panama Canal Commission Maintenance Division's Utilities Branch

In 1979 I specified the SCADA system for control and monitoring the the Panama Canal Commission Maintenance Division's Utilities Branch. The contract was awarded for $750,000 to Fred McIlvray, Inc.; which subcontracted the SCADA system to QEI, Inc., Springfield, NJ. Among other items, the Contractor furnished the following for the Pacific side:

I represented the Contracting Officer during the entire execution of the project, and specially in the following occassions:

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New Master Station for the Pacific Side SCADA System(Panama Canal Commission)

Between 12/1988 y 3/1989, I ordered equipment for $185,000 to replace a QEI QUICS II master station and the "Telemarks" for water level telemetry in Pacific side reservoirs. To maintain compatibility with 10 old RTUs that remained in service, I ordered the following directly to QEI:

Foxboro water level transducers were awarded to others.

In 8/1989, I travelled to NJ to attend operations training (TC7), as well as SCADA data base, historical data, and one-line diagrams (TC8). Factory inspection tests were performed at that time.

In 5/1990, I trvelled to Orlando, FL to take a Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) course on VMS operating system's commands and utilities in small environment (V5). I immediately continued the travel to Chicago, IL to take a DEC course on VMS operation in small environment (V5).

In 6/1990 and 7/1990, I wrote and loaded the new SCADA data base, historical data, multiple application programs, most of the one-line diagrams, and some reports. Application programs are based on telemetered values, as well as in some utilities such as CALCED (Calculation Editor), SEGED (Segment Editor), and CMDSEQ (Command Sequence).

Also, I instructed two engineers on the typical details for the data base and application programs to help them finish my work, due to my reassignment to other special project. I supervised their work and part of the installation work done by Panama Canal Commission personnel.

I represented the Contractng Oficer throughout the duration of the contract that was closed in 10/1990.

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Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) for water distribution and pumping on the Atlantic side.

Between 3/1990 and 9/1990, I ordered the following items to incorporate to the QEI QUICS IV master station on the Pacific side:

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Partial Automation of Miraflores and Mt. Hope Water Filtration Plants (Panama Canal Commission)

Due to the powerful architecture of DEC VAX based Master Station on the Pacific Side (at that time), we programmed the QUICS IV master to semi-automate Miraflores and Mt. Hope water filtration plants. Between 10/1990 and 12/1990, I ordered 5 additional RTUs and transducers to meet these new requirements.

In 9/1991, I travelled to NJ to witness the factory inspection tests of the new RTUs and attend the QUICS IV Programmer's Terminal (TC09A) course.

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Replacement of the Pacific Side Master Station and Reuse on the Atlantic Side (Panama Canal Commission)

In 1992, I supported the project to upgrade the Pacific Side Master Station with DEC VAX Station 4000 processors, and to reuse the equipment for a new master station on the Atlantic Side. Both SCADA systems operate independently since then.

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Replacement of Atlantic and Pacific Sides' SCADA Systems (Panama Canal Commission)

In 1999 and 2000, I participated in a project to replace both the entire Atlantic and Pacific Sides' SCADA systems. I wrote detailed specifications to consolidate both SCADA systems in a single one with open architecture, high scalability, and great interoperability. The new system will have connectivity via Intranet for remote workstations, and via the Internet for authorized remote PCs with monitoring capability.

In 2000 and 2001, I participated as the President of the Technical Evaluation Committee. Also, in 2001 I was named the authorized Representative of the Contracting Officer for the duration of the contract. I plan to participate in training courses, factory inspection tests, and final field inspection tests.

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For more information, you may contact the following persons:

Contact Telephone E-Mail Remarks
Ing. Luz Santamaría de Meneses (507) 276-8523 Miraflores Filtration Plant Superintendent
Ing. César Díaz (507) 276-8524 - SCADA System Manager
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