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Television in Panama

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Cable Television (CATV)

Name City Province Internet Home Page
Augusto Hoyos Peñata (to begin operations) Aguadulce & Penonomé Coclé ?
Astrovisión Cable TV (Torrance) Chitré Herrera ?
Astrovisión Cable TV (Torrance) David Chiriquí ?
Astrovisión Cable TV (Torrance) Chorrera Panamá ?
Astrovisión Cable TV (Torrance) Santiago Veraguas ?
Cable Canal Panamá Panamá ?
Cable Chicho Isla Colón Bocas del Toro ?
Cable Onda National National
Cableunión Panamá Panamá Panamá ?
Claro TV National National
Compañía de Comunicaciones, S. A. (to begin operations) Panamá Panamá ?
Corporación de Frecuencias, S. A. (to begin operationns) Corregimientos de 24 de Diciembre, Pacora, Pedregal & Tocumen (Panamá) Panamá ?
CTV Telecom InterAKTIVlife Panamá Panamá
Direct Vision, S. A. (to begin operations) Panamá Panamá ?
Multi Cable Chorrera Panamá
Mocatel Technology, Inc. Changuinola Bocas del Toro
Mocatel Technology, Inc. Panamá Este Panamá
Sky National National
Super Cable Chitré Herrera ?
Super Cable David Chiriquí ?
Super Cable Santiago Veraguas ?
+TV Digital (CWP) Panamá Panamá
Viva Communications Panamá Panamá


Television over Microwaves (LMDS y MMDS)

Name City Province Internet Home Page
Lucania David Chiriquí -
Telesat Colón Colón
Telesat Panamá Panamá

Public Television: VHF (2 to 13) and UHF (14 to 69) Bands

To see the list of VHF and UHF television channels (in Spanish), choose the Province where the transmitter is located:

Television via Internet only

Name City Province Internet
TV Claret Panamá Panamá


Latin American Pay Television Service (LAPTV)
Mi TV Life
National Association of Broadcasters (NAB)
Organización de Televisión Pagada de America Latina (TEPAL)
Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE)
Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE)
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On may 12, 2009, the Republic of Panama adopted Europe’s Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB-T) as the Terrestrial Digital Television (TDT) standard.