Carlos E. Escoffery

Electronics Engineer

Conferences Presented on PCS, SCADA/EMS, and similar Systems

Date Conference Event Place
16-Oct-2001 SCADA systems for Potable Water in ACP CIEMI-2001 Panamanian Society of Engineers and Architects (SPIA)
25-Oct-1995 Month of Electronics School of Electronnics Engineering, Universidad de Santa María La Antigua (USMA)
27-Sep-1995 First Week of Electronics School of Electronics Engineering and Communications, University of Panama
20-Sep-1995 Instrumentation for Measurements in Electronic and Fluid Handling Systems II Jornada Técnica de Instrumentación y Control (JOTIC '95) Panama Technological University
14-Aug-1993 Proceses Complementary to SCADA/EMS for Electrical Enterprises IEEE Panama Section (COPIMERA) Panamá
14-Aug-1993 Modern SCADA/EMS Systems for Electrial Enterprises IEEE Panama Section (COPIMERA) Panamá
11-Feb-1992 SCADA/EMS Systems - Panamá
7-Nov-1990 Centralized Security Control System (CSCS) Public Presentation Panama Canal Commission (PCC)
x-xxx-1983 SCADA/EMS System for PCC-ECLP IEEE Panama Section Edif. Eissen (IRHE), Panamá
xx-xxx-1980 Maritime Traffic Surveillance System with CCTV Public Presentation Panama Canal Commission (PCC)