Carlos E. Escoffery

Electronics Engineer

Description of Experiences with SCADA and Similar Systems for Meteorological and Hydrographical Applications


ALERT System for Hydrology in the Panama Canal

Per request fo the Chief, Engineering Division in 1994, I evaluated telemetry needs for the Meteorological and Hydrological Branch, particularly the needs to replace the hydrological telemetry system for the Panama Canal watershed.

I travelled to approximately 15 sites in the United States in 9/1994 to visit consultants, manufacturers and users of similar systems. After returning, we evaluated the alternatives, recommended replacing the existing telemetry system with a new "Automatic Local Evaluación in Real Time" or ALERT system such as those used by the National Weather Service (NWS), and issued the respective purchase orders for accessories, computers, radios, sensors, and software.

I prepared detailed factory testing procedures and participated in factory inspection tests in Sacramento, CA in 8/1995.

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Mini-SCADA System for a Panama Canal Commission's Television Transmitter (Weather Channel)

SCADA System for UHF-TV Transmitter

I specified an Ultra High Frequency television transmitter in 1991 currently operating on channel 25. This includes a mini-SCADA system capable of controlling, monitoring and telemetering transmitter variables over telephone (synthetized voice) as well as from personal computers. The transmitter is used to broadcast climatological information, including weather radar and satellite imagery. I evaluated the proposals and participated in factory inspection tests in Blue Bell, PA in 12/1992.

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For further information, you may contact the following persons:

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Carlos Vargas (507) 272-2648   Executive Manager, Water Branch
Jorge A. Espinosa (507) 276-1729   Manager, Hydraulic Resources

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